Last day in Las Negras was pretty great, we will miss this little spot for sure!

Calm beach picture taken from back with sand in front of me, dark rock on the side

Lovely vermú today with views to the sea of Las Negras 🌵, such a lovely evening!

Vermouth holding on my hand with the sea facing me

“Comida de cuchara” as my Mum would say, nothing fancy but this dish it’s just so heart warming for me!

White deep plate on a brown table with a silver spoon, on the plate beans, red sauce and spinach, its a stew

Sorry, can we just take a second to appreciate how beautiful the Kent seaside is? 🌊

Reflection of the sun in the wet sand

Reflection of the sun on the wet sand

Last weekend we did a virtual cooking class with the folks at Migrateful, it was so lovely to learn a little bit more about Moroccan food and to share the experience with other people even if it was only virtually. We cooked Cauliflower, Olive and Lemon Tagine, Taktuka and Zalouk.

Brown round table layed out with multiple dishes, tagine in a round big frying pan and the rest of the dishes on white deep bowls, there's also two green plates to eat from and two water glasses.