What a lovely day out yesterday in our favourite place, Margate. It’s always a delight to go to the seaside in the winter.

These last few days in Hanoi have been magical, we went back to our favourite places and indulge ourselves with our favourite food and fun bia hoi’s. We discovered new areas and saw a different side of this bustling city.

Back in Hanoi, it was impossible not to have Bun cha for breakfast today. Barbecue pork is my new way of doing breakfast!

After a short trip we left Ninh Binh and got into an overnight train to Da Nang to then stay in Hoi An. We had a lovely time in the beach, hotel and also stayed away from the tourist attractions in town, after all it was mega relaxing! Now back to Hanoi ✈️

Went on our three hour boat ride along Tràng An, the scenery it was from a film, so raw, vibrant and beautiful. Hard to describe the sense of tranquility that you could feel as you go through temples and caves. Magical 😊

Awesome views after a very very very very very hot 🔥(I can’t stress it enough) walk to Hang Múa!

We are staying in this incredible apartment overlooking at a Lotus Field, looks magical and just unreal!

Last night we learned how to cook three Vietnamese dishes at Thái Mà’s home. Lovely evening at her rooftop overlooking Hanoi! We had quite a feast :)

We’ve just spent a couple hours in the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi, such a fascinating place that brings to show how everyday women’s lived/live here. Totally recommended if you find yourself in Hanoi 🇻🇳

Breakfast can’t ever be the same after having Bánh cuốn today at Bánh Cuốn Gia Truyền Thanh Vân in Hanoi, it was delicious!

Last night we had some nice sugary fruit bowls with condense milk and coconut milk, mine just had mango and Anna’s had mixed fruit. They were absolutely delicious!

Of course, here’s the most touristy pic so far of the trip, probably the only place we really saw other tourists! It’s easy to get lost if you’re confident and get by with the locals, they are mega friendly and even if you don’t share language it’s amazing what you can achieve.

This morning at the colourful “Temple of Literature”, it was really nice but absolutely roasting so if you’re planning on visiting in the summer I’d recommend to do it either early in the morning or late afternoon.

Today we’ve tried the infamous Egg Coffee which to my lovely surprise it’s absolutely delicious, I’m a massive fan of coffee and custard but together oh man together are just 🥰

The colours are so vibrant, lovely cafe called Bún Thang Bún Bung. Cheap and mega cheerful Pho Ga, the broth was deep in flavour and really clear.