Tuesday was a brilliant day too, spent most of the day in Testaccio and stocked ourselves with nice treats from the market. No trip is complete without making a visit to a local market. Rome, we will miss you.

Nice cake pastry with cream

Market with lots of greens, lettuces and bitter italian leaves

Market with peppers and nice red and green tomatoes

Market with roman artichokes

Tiny italian espresso

Monday started well, delicious breakfast and trot to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Wine and incredible food was also a feature of this day.

Delicious cake for breakfast with nice cream

Side picture of the Coliseum

Interior of the Colosseum

Interior of Roman Forum

Interior of Roman Forum

Ashtonishing interior of the roman forum with big pilars

Interior of Roman Forum

Lovely wine bar with lots of nice warm colours and wine bottles in the background

Spaguetti carbonara

Roman artichokes

On our second day in Rome we visited modern art gallery, Maxxi which had a really cool exhibition about architecture and modern buildings called “At home”, made friends at a local enoteca and also had delicious food in Testaccio.

Exhibition in Maxxi gallery

Nice glass of red wine

Enjoyed a lovely day in Hastings, went out for a cold trot by the sea, nice lunch and indulged ourselves with tasty ice cream and coffee.

Sea side view from Hastings sea front

What a lovely day out yesterday in our favourite place, Margate. It’s always a delight to go to the seaside in the winter.

We absolutely love coming to the sea side in the winter, it’s so bleak and gorgeous.

These last few days in Hanoi have been magical, we went back to our favourite places and indulge ourselves with our favourite food and fun bia hoi’s. We discovered new areas and saw a different side of this bustling city.

Back in Hanoi, it was impossible not to have Bun cha for breakfast today. Barbecue pork is my new way of doing breakfast!

After a short trip we left Ninh Binh and got into an overnight train to Da Nang to then stay in Hoi An. We had a lovely time in the beach, hotel and also stayed away from the tourist attractions in town, after all it was mega relaxing! Now back to Hanoi ✈️