Out for my hour of government authorised outside fun, walking on a park nearby. The sky was so blue and bright today, it’s a shame we have to stay inside!

Sunset coming down the park with nice view of the lake.

Here’s Skippy feeling sorry for himself because he had a cold for the last two weeks.

ginger cat sleeping on the bed

The guys at Grey Seal Coffee from the coast of Norfolk sent us today this awesome chocolatey coffee from El Salvador. I’m very excited to try it on my MoccaMaster and see what secrets holds.

So happy to be wearing today my lovely “A bigger splash” t-shirt from Printed Goods. I can’t wait until this is over to find a sunny patch and just feel the sun in my face 😌

White t shirt laying down on the table.

Missing this lovely Vermut - Marti Serda, El Bandarra. I can’t wait for lovely sunny and warm summer to be out with a glass of them in my hand.

Vermut rosso in a short glass

Well at least someone is enjoying being home all the time! Skippy is having a blast.

Skippy, ginger cat sleeping in brown sofa

We had a little bit of TLC this afternoon, made some delicious coffee, had a wonderful danish cherry pastry and listened to Michael Kiwanuka. Work still hectic and very stressful but hopefully it will get more manageable next week.

Black coffee on a dinner mug with cherry danish pastry on a warm brown plate and teak table.

Record cover of Kiwanuka.

We’ve just come out of Everyman Cinema after having watched ‘Parasite’ and there’s no words to describe how amazing the film was. It was absolutely breathtaking, haven’t seen something so thrilling and provocative in a long time.

Very excited to try on Saturday this new coffee from Origin called San Fermin, promises a lovely flavour profile of Orange Sherbet, Caramel and Berries. Can’t wait to see how it tastes on the Moccamaster and also AeroPress.

Bag of coffee next to orange moccamaster